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EKMASAN has been producing ovens and flour mills for both Turkey and the world since 1980. Today EKMASAN's annual production capacity is 12 tunnel ovens, 20 flour mills, and about 1200 small and medium scaled ovens and its equipments.

We can group EKMASAN's products into three. Firstly, 40 - 200 tons of capacity flour mills and with them flour silos for both mills and ovens. We produce two types of silos: inner silos and outer silos.

Secondly, EKMASAN produces small and medium scaled ovens. Their capacity range is between 50 to 1500 breads per hour. Ovens, dough processing equipments and mixers form the second group of products.

The last group is the tunnel ovens. These are continuous systems with 2500 to 7500 bread per hour capacity. EKMASAN is one of the first five company of world in this field. Beginning from the flours silos ending at bread packaging, all of the machines of the system are produced by EKMASAN.

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